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Item description

Try before you Buy! Interactive Halloween Drag & Drop Game for kids. Such an engaging game that provides extra practice for motor skills.

Interactive Digital game:

Interactive drag and drop game, which can be played on an interactive board or on individual computers. 10 math addition questions. (HTML, open index.html file in a browser). Easy level – allows learners multiple opportunities to complete the sums and helps them by playing an incorrect sound when they make a mismatch. It does not allow them to fail. When completed, a clapping sound is played to congratulate them.

HTML Resources Note:

Please make sure that you keep the HTML folder intact and run the index.html file from inside the folder. If you are adding to individual computers, please make sure that you add the whole file and then ask your students to open it up in the same manner as outlined above, thanks.

Other uses

It could also be used for stations, rotations, bell ringers, early & fast finishers and more.

Please leave constructive feedback once you have used these resources with your learners, many thanks