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HALLOWEEN CONSONANT BLENDS PHONICS GAMES FOR OCTOBER is a set of 6 board games with an October Halloween theme. You’ll have games for these skills: s blends, l blends, r blends and 3 mixed blend games. 6 games in color and 6 in B&W. Print & Go, just add a die.

These gameboards are “closed” gameboards. You can make these work in your favor by setting up the guidelines ahead of time. Students can continue to play round and round the board until the time is up. Put a small pile of tokens such as cubes in the center and they can collect one for each lap they make if you want a way to keep score. Or, you can state that the games are over after a player has made 5 rounds, or however you choose.

✅Literacy Centers

✅Small Groups

✅Tutoring/Parent Helpers

✅Send home B&W games