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This set of 2 Halloween-themed math worksheets gives students practice with word problems while they wait for Halloween!

Students use basic math skills, telling time, counting money, and critical thinking skills as they solve these word problems. There are 7 problems on each worksheet.

The actual math is not difficult; the purpose of these worksheets is more about working on strategies for
solving word problems, a concept many children find challenging.

So that you can determine if these worksheets are the right level for your students at this point in the year, I am listing the problems here:

Worksheet #1:

  • Martin’s father bought ten bags of candy for their family’s Halloween party.  Five of the bags each had 20 pieces of candy. The rest of the bags each had 30 pieces of candy. How many pieces of candy were there in all?
  • Ben and his six friends met with Tim and his four friends, and they all went trick-or-treating together. How many kids were in their group?
  • Janet arrived at Ann’s party at six o’clock and left at nine o’clock. How long did Janet stay at the party?
  • Along with her candy, Laura found 3 quarters and 2 dimes in her treat bag. How much money did she find in all?
  • Eddie doesn’t like chocolate. He traded his eight chocolate bars for sixteen pieces of bubblegum. How many pieces of bubblegum did Eddie get for each
    chocolate bar?
  • Erin stayed up an hour past her bedtime. She went to bed at 9:30. What is Erin’s bedtime?
  • Elise walked for three blocks, trick-or-treating at every house. If each block has six houses, what is the total number of houses Elise visited?

Worksheet #2:

  • Melissa and Dean decided to combine all their candy and divide it equally between the two of them. Melissa collected 150 pieces of candy and Dean collected 140. How many pieces of candy did they each get when it was divided equally?
  • Liz was sick on Halloween and couldn’t go trick-or-treating. Five of her friends each gave her ten pieces of candy. How many pieces of candy did Liz get?
  • Julie baked three dozen cupcakes for her party. Thirty of her friends came to the party. Were there enough cupcakes for everyone?
  • Bob got home from school at 3:00 and wanted to go trick-or treating right away, but he had to wait until 7:00. How long did Bob have to wait?
  • Jason and his friends trick-or-treated for an hour and then went to Sharon’s party until 10:30. If they stayed out for three and a half hours altogether, at what time did they start trick-or-treating?
  • Sue’s mother put six pumpkin cookies in Sue’s lunch. Sue shared them with her two best friends, Kim and Kara. How many cookies did each of them get?
  • When Jordan’s mother ran out of candy to give the trick-or-treaters, she gave out quarters to the last twelve children. If each child got one quarter, how much money did Jordan’s mother give out?

These worksheets were designed for the Grade 3 and early Grade 4 level and support CCSS standards.

These are great for in-class or take-home work, for review or supplementing regular class work with a Halloween theme.

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