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Kids love to write about Halloween! This set of writing prompts will give them plenty of opportunities to practice writing in its various forms.


This resources includes 16 Halloween writing task cards and 16 coordinating Halloween writing worksheets.


Some ideas for use:


  • Place in a literacy center for a fun and engaging independent task.

  • Project a task card for the whole class to see. Model how to brainstorm and plan together. Let students finish in small groups.

  • Create a gallery walk of students’ finished pieces. Hang their writing under the task cards it goes with to show how one prompt can produce a variety of creative results.

  • Make copies of your students’ finished writing and make a book of Halloween stories to read.

  • Use the “Tasty Treats” prompt. Hang completed papers and let students walk around the room to ready and guess each other’s candy.


The Halloween writing tasks include:

  • creative/narrative

  • persuasive

  • informative

  • descriptive


The worksheets contain the same prompts as the task cards but include writing lines and guides as needed (such as labeled boxes or lists).