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Help high school students extend beyond basic plot recall and develop close reading analysis skills with this set of high-order questions covering Act 3, scene 2, of Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Delivered in printable Word Document and PDF formats, this worksheet saves English Language Arts teachers valuable time at home without sacrificing rigor in the classroom. An answer key is provided. More specifically, students will do the following:

  • Identify what the text states explicitly and implicitly
  • Define words and phrases as they are used in the text
  • Discern the intended effect of Shakespearean language in context
  • Explore how complex characters think, behave, interact, and develop
  • Determine the tone of a given excerpt
  • Consider autobiographical parallel, drawing an informed inference about Shakespeare’s philosophy on the purpose of dramatic performances based on details provided in this scene
  • Support claims and inferences with sound reasoning and relevant textual evidence
  • Write about Shakespearean drama with clarity, accuracy, and precision

This resource may facilitate small-group discussions in which students decode language and pose/respond to questions relating to plot, broad topics, and character development. Using this resource for structured guidance, students will improve their ability to present information, conclusions, and supporting textual evidence clearly and convincingly.