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These back to school themed hamster and backpack prepositions clip cards contains 18 clip cards or task cards that provide a visual model representation of 18 positional words. The cards come in color and black and white.

This set of 18 clip cards has a recording sheet and can be used as task cards, as a center, even as a scoot game or write the room! So many ways to use these cards and engage your learners with a visual understanding of positional words/prepositions.

These can also be used year round or incorporate it into the first few months back at school!

These cards come in black and white for you to print on colored paper or white paper. What we like to do is print onto white paper and cut out each strip and turn it into a reading booklet or a preposition emergent reader! Students get to color the picture and either color, dot paint, highlight etc the correct answer. Students can also take these home for revision and to read with their families.

These prepositions clip cards cover the following positional phrases : above, around, behind, between, beside, below, beneath, in, in front, inside, next to, on, on top, out, over, through and under!