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Hand signal posters for the classroom will help to perfect your classroom management system!  Imagine, not being interrupted 10 times during each lesson for students asking for things like going to the restroom, a tissue, a drink.  Instead they utilize silent hand signals in the classroom to ask for the things they need!

Establishing a well oiled classroom has never been easier!  Teach students what fingers to hold up and what each signal means.  Voila!  No more interruptions!  These hand signal posters are the perfect addition to your classroom!

Included in this Set:

A hand signal for:

– trash*

– pencil (get a new pencil or sharpen a pencil)*

– drink*

– tissue*

– question*

– wait

– wash your hands*

– Use the restroom (You also get the word toilet)*

– I understand, I almost understand, I don’t understand

– I’m ready, I can start, I’m not ready

– I agree

*These hand signals come with AND without picture support. (example there is a tissue box on the tissue poster)

Each poster comes with 2 font choices! A fun retro font and a primary font, perfect for lower grade levels!

Need them to say something different?  You can insert your own text!  The fonts are embedded in the download.

To use the editable posters, you will need PowerPoint.