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Hands On Engineering: Fall – Autumn Themed Making & Design Challenges are for lower and middle Elementary students & homeschoolers. This unit includes hot weather engineering challenges which use the design process and can be completed over four weeks

  • Make a tool to clear up leaves
  • Make an apple tower
  • Make a leaf mobile
  • Make something to keep your feet dry

Tangible Learning aims to make STEM learning accessible, hands on & fun. The materials involved are affordable, everyday items.

These 64 pages of activities are designed to be completed over a month, one per week. Children should be given adequate time to prototype, refine and share their creations.

Each Engineering unit consists of a Design Process bulletin board poster, a small design process poster for students and 4 challenges. Whilst these challenges can be done alone, I would encourage children to work in groups. Each challenge includes

  • A description of the problem (Color, B&W)
  • 1 detailed & 1 simple challenge card (Color, B&W)
  • Materials & Response card- feel free to follow these cards exactly or substitute with your own materials (color, B&W)
  • Planning Page with prompts
  • Creation Process Page
  • Prototype Improvement Page
  • Research pages- Use these for the early years, older children can also do their own research
  • 1 note page

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