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This Hands On Engineering: Full Year Seasonal STEM Making & Design Challenge Bundle is for lower and middle Elementary students & home schoolers. This bundle includes 40 engineering challenges split into 10 seasonal themes which use the design process and can be completed over the year. These activities can be used for different age groups depending on scaffolding and how far into the design process you go.

The activities included are-


  • Make a pool
  • Make a water slide
  • Make a boat which floats
  • Stop the ice cube from melting

Fall – Autumn

  • Make a tool to clear up leaves
  • Make an apple tower
  • Make a leaf mobile
  • Make something to help keep your feet dry


  • Create a snowball catapult
  • Create a snow scoop
  • Make a house to keep a snowman cool
  • Make an impenetrable snow fort or wall


  • Build a Nest
  • Create a Planter Box
  • Make a Bird Feeder
  • Make a Windmill

Valentine’s Day

  • Make a Candy Box
  • Build a Candy Tower
  • Make Cupid’s Bow & Arrow
  • Make a Letter Box for Valentine’s Day Messages

St Patrick’s Day

  • Create a rainbow bridge
  • Make a pot to store the leprechaun’s gold
  • Make a leprechaun trap
  • Make a tower for the leprechaun to store his gold


  • Make an egg basket
  • Keep the egg safe
  • Make a home for the Easter Bunny
  • Make an egg launcher


  • Make a Spider Web
  • Make a Candy Parachute
  • Make a Jack O Lantern Platform
  • Make a Gliding Bat


  • Make a Thanksgiving Dinner Table
  • Make a Thanksgiving Parade Float
  • Make a Turkey Pen
  • Make a Boat for a Turkey


  • Create a bridge for Santa and his reindeers
  • Create a sled for Santa’s gifts
  • Make the tallest Christmas tree
  • Make Dasher a shelter to keep dry

Tangible Learning aims to make STEM learning accessible, hands on & fun. The materials involved are affordable, everyday items.

These 675 pages of activities are designed to be completed in each month. Children should be given adequate time to prototype, refine and share their creations.

Each Seasonal Engineering unit consists of a Design Process bulletin board poster, a small design process poster for students and 4 challenges. Whilst these challenges can be done alone, I would encourage children to work in groups. Each challenge includes

  • A description of the problem (Color, B&W)
  • 1 detailed & 1 simple challenge card (Color, B&W)
  • Materials & Response card- feel free to follow these cards exactly or substitute with your own materials (color, B&W)
  • Planning Page with prompts
  • Creation Process Page
  • Prototype Improvement Page
  • Research pages- Use these for the early years, older children can also do their own research
  • 1 note page

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