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Hangman game- colours

Learn the colours and to spell them in this kid friendly classic hangman game. This is a click by page interactive presentation. This is a PowerPoint interactive game and you play this by clicking the different icons on the screen. There is an eye icon that can reveal the word that needs to be guessed if the students are stuck. You can adjust the difficulty of the game by advancing the try’s or adding your own. Students can also click on the colours before hand to see how they are spelt and also listen to the audio for the word. Watch the video to gain a deeper understanding of the game.

This game is a great warm up, ice breaker, review or just a little fun.

What’s included-

11 word puzzles for colours.

11 insert coin puzzle.

A list of colours that reveal the word and audio.

A “jump to page” to any puzzle.

You need PowerPoint for this resource.

Students learning outcomes

-Students should be able to recognize and speak some of the different colours.

Any questions feel free to ask

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