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Happy Holidays Art UK version comes with holiday cut and paste
collages, My Christmas Colours page, My Hanukkah Colours page, My
Kwanzaa Colours page, decoration pages. The decoration pages come in
reindeer, holiday llama, Christmas tree, holiday cupcake, and two gifts.
I have also provided a few holiday craft ideas that can be given to
parents for gifts. UK spelling version of the word colours is provided.

For holiday cut and paste collages, print out the collage pages. Give
your students construction paper, scissors, and glue. Let them create
their own holiday collages. There are a wide variety of holiday images
for your students to choose. Images include children, candy cane
unicorn, holiday llamas, Christmas sloths, summer Christmas snowmen,
snowflakes, elves, candy, yeti, a variety of Christmas images, a variety
of Kwanzaa images, and a variety of Hanukkah images.

For the colours pages, let students choose from My Christmas Colours,
My Hanukkah Colours, or My Kwanzaa Colours. Provide either paints or
crayons and markers. You can also provide colourful sequins, jewel
stickers, craft buttons, felt stickers, etc. Allow students to colour
and decorate the pages in colours associated with the Holiday that they

For the decoration pages, allow students to use paints, crayons,
markers, sequins, jewel stickers, craft buttons, felt stickers, and
whatever else you wish to provide to decorate the holiday pages.

This resource has thirteen pages of activities, one page of holiday craft ideas, and one example page.

⭐ Early Learning Standards researched and referenced as a guide. This resource aligns with the following standards:

  1. UK Early Years Foundations: Early Years Outcomes
  2. Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework
  3. The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia

⭐ My play based resources touch on universal Early Learning standards.

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