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This Holiday packet comes with Holiday name practice sheets and
Holiday writing prompts with varieties for Holidays, Christmas,
Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. The Holiday name practice comes in both colorful
and black and white versions. The name practice sheets also comes with
the option of reindeer graphics or snowman holiday cupcake graphics.

  • Holiday name practice is a say it, build it, stamp it, write it activity
  • Children
    will say their name aloud, build their name with magnetic letters,
    stamp their names with alphabet stamps, and write their names
  • Writing
    prompts come in the following options: “For the Holidays, I”, “For
    Christmas, I”, “For Hanukkah, I”, and “For Kwanzaa, I.”
  • Choose writing prompt papers that best suit your students.
  • Allow children to finish the sentence, write their sentence or help them write
  • Space for drawing provided
  • Allow children to draw Holiday pictures in the boxes
  • 12 pages of activities available

⭐ Standards used in this resource are Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework Standards: Preschooler Domains

Literacy: Print and Alphabet Knowledge

P-LIT 2. Child demonstrates an understanding of how print is used
(functions of print) and the rules that govern how print works
(conventions of print).

Goal P-LIT 3. Child identifies letters of the alphabet and produces correct sounds associated with letters.

Literacy: Comprehension and Text Structure

Goal P-LIT 4. Child demonstrates an understanding of narrative structure through storytelling/re-telling.

Literacy: Writing

Goal P-LIT 6. Child writes for a variety of purposes using increasingly sophisticated marks.

  • 48
    to 60 months: Progressively uses drawing, scribbling, letter-like
    forms, and letters to intentionally convey meaning. With support, may
    use invented spelling consisting of salient or beginning sounds, such
    as L for elevator or B for bug.
  • By 60 months:
  1. Creates a variety of written products that may or may not phonetically relate to intended messages.
  2. Shows an interest in copying simple words posted in the classroom.
  3. Attempts to independently write some words using invented spelling, such as K for kite.
  4. Writes first name correctly or close to correctly.
  5. Writes
    (draws, illustrates) for a variety of purposes and demonstrates
    evidence of many aspects of print conventions, such as creating a book
    that moves left to right.

Kindergarten Common Core Standards can also be met because this resource can be differentiated to meet a variety of learning needs.  Older children can write sentences for the writing prompt activities.

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