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Happy New Year 2023 Math Mystery Picture to review the 4 operations. This product is aligned to the Common Core standards. 8 different worksheets to allow you to differentiate: two sheets of mixed additions and subtractions with equations (EASY and HARD), two sheets of multiplications (EASY and HARD), two sheets of mixed multiplications and divisions with equations (EASY and HARD) and two sheets of mixed 4 operations with equations (EASY and HARD).

The EASY level will consolidate the concepts of Grade 3 but may also be sufficiently challenging for Grade 4 students.

Some operations are difficult, especially additions and subtractions (most of them are for the HARD level), and will require the student to write to think or even to do the whole operation.

All operations are within 1000.

The product also contains the picture in small size (1 sheet of 24 pictures) that you can give to the students when they have successfully completed a mystery picture or that you can obviously use for something else!

The product will be updated every year by changing the year so you can use it as long as you want!

If you want to buy this product but are not sure which grade to buy:

– for grade 3, the easy level has multiplications up to 5, the hard level up to 9

– for grade 4, the easy level has multiplications up to 9, the hard level up to 12

– for grade 5 the easy level has multiplications up to 12, the hard level multiplications of one digit number with a number up to 40

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