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This pack is full of hands-on, engaging activities for learning about Australia’s neighbouring countries and is aligned to the HASS curriculum.

There are map activities and graphic organisers which your students can use to help them locate Australia and its neighbours, and to find similarities and differences in daily life, climate, natural, managed, and constructed features, schools, festivals and holidays, houses, plants and animals, climate, and types of settlement.

Students can choose one country to do an in-depth research project on and present their information in a travel brochure. These would make a great classroom display for children to read and learn about other countries. Students could also choose another format, such as a PowerPoint presentation, to present their information digitally.

Students can use globes, atlases and digital maps to find the information they need for the map work. They can use online sources and books for other research tasks.

I hope your students enjoy learning about Australia and its neighbouring countries with these activities.