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Item description

Healthy Eating – five a day.  Great set of resources to introduce your learners to the importance of the 5 groups of healthy eating options.  These resources will probably run over 5-6 weeks depending on your learners.  A great addition to your literacy centers and stations; low prep. 

There are detailed teacher notes for suggestions on how best to run interactive sessions. Resources included consist of presentation slides with activities, games knowledge check questions, handouts & worksheets.  A digital certificate of achievement has also been provided.

Some internet research is included. These resources encourage collaborative learning and includes the suggested interaction & collaboration using a Padlet wall. You can offer alternative methods of collaborating, this is only a suggestion as it can be embedded into a VLE easily. 

Stretch and challenge your learners to encourage them to take some ownership of their own learning. 

This resource has been split into 3 sessions but will more likely to be delivered over 5-6 sessions. Watch the video preview.

You will need Adobe Reader 9 or above and the word search starter is HTML format only and does not work in Safari, but there is a paper-based version if needed. IMPORTANT: all sessions have been added into folders and named accordingly, so after download please make sure you unzip and keep the files in their folders at all times; please don’t mix and match or you may have problems. Also please read tutor notes carefully for suggested delivery, although these can be adapted to suit.

Resources needed for all 3 sessions:

Internet access, computers/appropriate software, interactive whiteboard, flip chart paper, coloured pens, sticky notes &; pencils/pens, handouts and games included in resources.

Session 1 Presentation:

Slide 1 aims – introduces the topic and outline’s the session – starting with an interactive matching game (see the separate pdf file), this can be completed on individual computers or on an interactive board as a whole group.

Eatwell Video: Slide 1 is a video “Eatwell Guide” by the BNF (British Nutrition Foundation). (accessed via YouTube link embedded in slide). Link, just in case: https://youtu.be/iIp3wvAFGYE

Eatwell Quiz: Slide 2 to 6 contains knowledge check questions about the video on slide two. (ungraded).

Session 1 Presentation:

Slide 2 – research activity (individual), outcomes to be recorded on the handout provided (doc or pdf format available).

Session 1 Presentation:

Slide 3 – pair work to research into fibre/fiber content, vitamins and minerals for their 2 chosen fruits/vegetables.

Session 2 Presentation:

Slide 1 aims – Time for each pair to present their findings to the rest of the group. Word Search starter activity starts the session (see the separate folder, HTML file does not play in Safari browser for some reason).

Presentation notes and end of session plenary Q & A.

Session 3 Presentation:

Slide 1 aims – collaborative group work – group to ensure that all work so far produced from each pair is collated and saved for future lessons.

NOTE: Teacher to help with suggestions if struggling, but the learners need to take individual responsibility to get this completed and saved securely. Perhaps encourage learners to ask rather than to wait for you to tell them what they should do; promote stretch & challenge).