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This Valentine’s themed set includes 80 consonant blend sorting cards and 20 header cards which are perfect for literacy centers, word work centers, or early finisher activities.

Simply print, cut, and laminate (optional) and let your students sort them.

Blends included:

BL: blocks, blanket, blender, blueberries

BR: brick, bread, broccoli, broom

CL: cloud, clam, clock, clown

CR: crown, crocodile, crab, crack

DR: drum, dress, dragon, dragonfly

FL: fly, flag, flower, flamingo

FR: frog, frame, fruits, fries

GL: globe, gloves, glass, glasses

GR: grass, grill, grapes, grasshopper

PL: plant, plug, plum, plane

PR: pray, printer, pretzel, princess

SC: scar, scarf, score, scuba

SK: skip, skull, skunk, sky

SL: sled, slip, slide, slug

SM: small, smoke, smell, smile

SN: snip, snake, snow, snail

SP: spill, space, spot, sponge

ST: stool, stem, stick, sponge

SW: sweater, sweep, swing, swirl

TR: train, trash, tree, triangle

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