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This Bingo game is a great game to familiarize students with a variety of helpful and unhelpful coping skills. This is a great game for individual, small group or even whole class activities. This game is the perfect supplement to your SEL lessons.


This bingo game includes the following unhelpful and helpful coping skills:


Counting, have a drink, bounce on ball, happy thoughts, hug favourite toy, stress ball, go for a walk, play play-doh, read a book, talk to someone, write it down, refuse to work together, pushing others, giving up, bossing others around, not listening, kick things, kick someone, tantrum, destroy property, throw items, using swear words and telling lies.



The caller reads the bingo card, and the players identify whether they have that card on their BINGO mat. If they do, then they cross it off and the first to cross off all 16 coping skills on their unique mat first wins the game!

There are over 40 different Bingo mats for larger classes as well as colourful and engaging community helper cards.

Let’s make learning fun, engaging and colourful!

This package includes everything that you need – just simply print!


As an extension activity, you can encourage students to colour the box red for the unhelpful coping skill and green for the helpful coping skills.