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Reinforce the standard conventions of academic writing and perform a quick check of students’ knowledge with this grammar worksheet covering 30 common word usage errors in high school writing and speech. Delivered in printable Word Document format, as well as in PDF format, this resource conveniently offers the option to edit. An answer key is provided. Usage principles covered include the following:

  • accept vs. except
  • advice vs. advise
  • affect vs. effect
  • all ready vs. already
  • all right vs. alright
  • all together vs. altogether
  • allusion vs. illusion
  • among vs. between
  • amount vs. number
  • anyway vs. anyways
  • being as/that vs. since
  • beside vs. besides
  • could/would/should have vs. could/would/should of
  • couldn’t care less vs. could care less
  • each other vs. one another
  • enthusiastic vs. enthused
  • farther vs. fewer
  • fewer vs. less
  • good vs. well
  • imply vs. infer
  • in vs. into
  • its vs. it’s
  • lay vs. lie
  • lose vs. loose
  • principal vs. principle
  • regardless vs. irregardless
  • supposedly vs. supposably
  • than vs. then
  • who vs. whom
  • whose vs. who’s