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“Hispanic Heritage Month BUNDLE – Influential Leaders” is a comprehensive and dynamic collection of resources designed to celebrate and educate about the impactful contributions of Hispanic leaders. This bundle features 7 engaging resources, each offering a unique approach to exploring the achievements, history, and culture of Hispanic individuals.

  1. Who Am I? Matching Cards: Dive into the lives of influential Hispanic figures through this interactive matching card game. Participants will match names to descriptions, delving into the remarkable accomplishments of artists, scientists, activists, and more.
  2. Bulletin Board and Poster: Transform your learning space with visually appealing bulletin board materials. Highlight key Hispanic leaders and their achievements with informative posters that showcase their contributions and stories.
  3. Icons Quote Classroom Bulletin Board: Inspire and motivate with this eye-catching bulletin board display. Featuring memorable quotes from Hispanic icons, it encourages students to reflect on the wisdom and insights of these influential figures.
  4. Hispanic Countries Flashcards: Delve into the unique cultures and histories of Hispanic countries with these informative flashcards, promoting cultural awareness and appreciation.
  5. Timeline Poster: Take a journey through time with a timeline poster that highlights significant events, achievements, and milestones in Hispanic history, creating a visual narrative of the heritage.
  6. Reading Comprehension Passages: Engage learners with insightful passages about notable Hispanic leaders. These comprehension exercises deepen understanding and encourage critical thinking.
  7. Bulletin Board Biography Research Templates: Encourage students to delve into research and creativity with biography templates for Hispanic leaders. These templates provide a platform for students to showcase their knowledge and insights.

This comprehensive “Hispanic Heritage Month BUNDLE – Influential Leaders” offers educators a wide array of resources to educate, inspire, and celebrate the diverse contributions of Hispanic leaders. Whether used individually or collectively, these resources enrich learning environments during Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond, fostering cultural appreciation and understanding.

Printable ActivitiesHISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH Bundle content

  1. Hispanic Heritage Month Activities Bulletin Board Biography Research Templates
  2. Hispanic Heritage Month Reading Comprehension Passages, Questions, and Quizzes
  3. Timeline Poster | Hispanic Heritage Month Bulletin Board Ideas | Digital
  4. National Hispanic Heritage Countries Flashcards Hispanic Countries Flashcards
  5. Hispanic Icons Quote Classroom Bulletin Board Set – 29 Inspirational Posters
  6. Hispanic Heritage Month Bulletin Board and Poster (30 Important Facts)30 Figures
  7. Who Am I? Matching Cards – “Hispanic Heritage Month Matching Cards” | Game

We Feature 30 Figures:

  1. Shakira – Colombia
  2. Tito Puente – United States (born in Puerto Rico)
  3. Sonia Sotomayor – United States (born in Puerto Rico)
  4. Carmen Miranda – Brazil
  5. Celia Cruz – Cuba
  6. Dolores Huerta – United States (of Mexican descent)
  7. Ellen Ochoa – United States (of Mexican descent)
  8. Eva Perón – Argentina
  9. Frida Kahlo – Mexico
  10. Gloria Estefan – United States (born in Cuba)
  11. Irma Rangel – United States (born in Mexico)
  12. Joan Baez – United States
  13. Laurie Hernandez – United States (of Puerto Rican descent)
  14. Rita Moreno – United States (born in Puerto Rico)
  15. Sandra Cisneros – United States
  16. Rigoberta Menchú – Guatemala
  17. Cesar Chavez – United States (of Mexican descent)
  18. Roberto Clemente – Puerto Rico
  19. Cantinflas – Mexico
  20. Diego Rivera – Mexico
  21. Emiliano Zapata – Mexico
  22. Lin Manuel Miranda – United States (of Puerto Rican descent)
  23. Lionel Messi – Argentina
  24. Oscar De La Hoya – United States (born in the United States, of Mexican descent)
  25. Pablo Picasso – Spain
  26. Pancho Villa – Mexico
  27. Pele – Brazil
  28. Pablo Neruda – Chile
  29. Salma Hayek – Mexico
  30. Ricky Martin – Puerto Rico

Hispanic Heritage Month Activity Printable. And Digital Ressource Includes:

  • A PDF File Includes +150 Pages
  • Size: 11×8.5 Inch

Have fun and enjoy!