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In this lesson, students learn interesting facts about the history and invention of toys as they complete several projects including a WebQuest (Internet Scavenger Hunt) to answer questions about the topic. A complete answer key is provided for the WebQuest for easy grading, along with resources for both teachers and students. The student questions are included in both a print version and a digital (editable) version to make it easy for students to complete the lesson digitally or on paper. Next, students will be challenged by creating a presentation to showcase how different toys evolved over the years, comparing toys of fifty years ago with modern ones. Also included with this lesson is a wordsearch puzzle and an answer key, which is perfect for early finishers or as a part of the lesson.

This lesson is intended to be an introduction to the topic and was designed for middle school (grades 6-8) but could be used in high school as well. This lesson could be used in a history or technology class and is also a great lesson to leave for a substitute teacher!

Materials Required:

· Computers with Internet access for each student (or pair of students)

· Software such as Microsoft Word/PowerPoint or Google Docs/Slides

Files included:

· Teacher & Student Resources

· The Invention of Toys WebQuest Activity (print and editable digital files included)

· The Invention of Toys WebQuest Answer Key

· Toys Then & Now Research & Presentation Project Student Expectations and Grading Rubric

· Wordsearch Puzzle – The Invention of Toys

· Wordsearch Puzzle Answer Key

Approximate Lesson Duration:

· WebQuest – 1 (50 minute) class period

· Research & Presentation Project – 2-3 (50 minute) class periods

· Wordsearch Puzzle – 30 minutes

· Presentation of Projects to Class (optional) – time will depend on class size