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Looking for a quick, two day lesson to include a little holiday fun in your ELA or Social Studies class? This holiday themed tradition activity will help you share holiday traditions from around the world with your students, as well as promote class discussion about traditions your students participate in.

This activity includes a reading about what traditions are along with questions. A student note page for use with the traditions from around the world, a writing prompts, and a holiday ornament template. The ornament template is perfect for having students create holiday decorations for the classroom. It’s a great way to get students excited about learning about other cultures and traditions!

Included in this product:

❄️ What are traditions – reading with questions

❄️ 10 descriptions of holiday traditions from countries around the world (2 formats)

❄️ An ornament template for students to write their own traditions

❄️ Student note page

❄️ Writing prompt with ornament template

❄️ Lesson plan ideas for the teacher