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This is a homophones game for partners or small groups plus a word mapping activity.


To play, students take turns trying to find pairs of homophones. The cards can also be used as a matching activity for one student. Includes instructions and 30 illustrated homophone cards.


The homophones included are:


  • night/knight

  • blue/blew

  • cent/scent

  • one/won

  • sail/sale

  • see/sea

  • mail/male

  • flower/flour

  • ate/eight

  • right/write

  • sun/son

  • beach/beech

  • hair/hare

  • fairy/ferry

  • piece/peace


Word Mapping Activity: After playing the game, students choose a pair of homophones to write, illustrate, define, and use in a sentence. The second part of the worksheet has students classify their homophones by part of speech (nouns, verbs, and adjectives).