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Item description

Students will be given a statement and they will choose which is the correct spelling.

Student Level:

It is for use in elementary school-aged children, grades 4-5.

Student Impact:

regular students: They will enjoy having the app in their computer,
laptop, Android or iPad device for daily practice. They can keep up
with which practice they’ve done in the comfort of their own home using
their home computers or mobile devices. Grading is automatically done.
Student’s work is saved without supervision. This note must be made as
there are educators/ parents/ legal guardians who may not know how
this resource can be of benefit for bettering their students
academically and aiding in teacher/ parent’s time.


Students will choose the correct answer. (and depending on the setup you have for your student/s) they will:

About BOOM Cards:

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may be eligible for a free trial from Boom Learning. If you choose
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