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This pack includes worksheets, posters and writing practice that will enhance student knowledge in word meaning, word usage, and spelling.


  • six homophone worksheets
  • eleven writing with homophone practice pages
  • forty posters which include two homophone words in each
  • answer key

These are all posters you can print and use every week in order for the students to learn a new pair of homophones. Students will review all the homophones on the posters with the writing practice and worksheets included.

Included homophones:

-Pour, Poor

-Eight, Ate

-Missed, Mist

-Berry, Very

-Bored, Board

-Eye, I

-Sew, So

-Ant, Aunt

-Male, Mail

-Forth, Fourth

-Son, Sun

-Stairs, Stares

-Way, Weigh

-Feet, Feat

-Knight, Night

-Hair, Hare

-Hare, Hair

-Wear, Where

-Herd, Heard

-Close, Clothes

-Through, Threw

-Role, Roll

-Flower, Flour

-Towed, Toad

-Hear, Here

-Ceiling, Sealing

-Chews, Choose

-Buy, By

-Brews, Bruise

-One, Won

-Brake, Break

-Bin, Been

-Sea, See

-No, Know

-Read, Red

-Be, Bee

-Your, You’re

-Too, to

-Dear, Deer

-Their, There

-Our, Hour

-Blew, Blue

-Their, There

Have fun!