Item description

This 75 page “How Do I feel” Workbook has been designed to support emotional literacy and development. This is a simple, easy to use workbook which encourages the student to match the emotion and feeling cards with the scenario. An additional page is included where the student can draw what they look like when they feel that way. Students will learn about matching, picture identification, picture labelling and labelling emotions.

An interactive book designed to be used on many levels – Pre-schoolers, kindergartners, early elementary, general and special education children can all participate and benefit from this workbook! There are some blank pages on the end so that the teacher or student can make up some of your own scenarios and add your feelings to them.


The feelings and emotions that we will explore in this book are: Surprised, suspicious, angry, confused, silly, shocked, scared, sad, nervous, sick, peaceful, proud, disappointed, disgusted, embarrassed, excited, frustrated, furious, happy, innocent, irritated, lonely, tired and worried.