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Digital (PDFS and google slides for google classroom/google drive) and printable social skills and behavior activities for distance learning and social emotional learning.


Often, students with Autism and other social skills deficits struggle to understand the direct and indirect impact that their behavior has on other people. When we engage in behaviors that make people have negative thoughts about us, that in turn also affects the way other people interact and treat us (eg, if I make someone mad by pushing them if they touch my things, that person will then have negative thoughts about me and will more than likely not want to be my friend……Or if I’m playing basketball and do not pass the ball to anyone because I think I’m the best player, other kids will probably not want me to be on their team next time). A lot of students can identify punishment consequences associated with negative behaviors (eg loss of privileges, time out, sent to the principal’s office etc), however identifying the SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES is a much more difficult and abstract concept for our students to grasp.

*****Activities within this packet are available as printables and digital/paperless available as both digital PDFS, interactive powerpoints and google slides (google slides to be downloaded into your google drive) *****

This packet is designed to teach students with social skill deficits to identify how different actions may affect other people’s feelings/emotions (both positive and negative emotions) and then possible SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES that may be experienced as a result of making others feel that way.

The packet is broken down into 3 key components:

Part 1– Use of worksheets and activities to teach the concept about how actions affect others, as well as identify the correct/incorrect way to handle a situation.

Part 2- An interactive activity that involves 408 different scenario cards. Students read the cards and select how the action described in the scenarios would make other feels. This can be completed as a game with multiple students or as a 1:1 interactive teaching method. Students are encouraged to think about why the scenario would make others feel a certain emotion, social consequences experienced as a result of those feelings, and then different solutions if the action resulted in negative emotions/consequences.

Part 3– Data tracking and behavior change goals- Once students are able to identify actions they engage in that may make others have negative thoughts, goals can be set and tracked (using student self monitoring data) to encourage more appropriate actions. Specifically, in this packet you will find:

Part 1- Understanding how different actions affect others (worksheets and activities)

-3 Emotions posters, both in color and black and white. . . (6 pages)

-Things that make me feel. . . . (1 page)

-It makes me happy when friends . . . (2 pages)

-Things I do that make my friends feel. . . . (2 pages)

-How would this make others feel? Scenarios and emotion identification (7 pages)

-Which way is right? Scenario and identification of appropriate behavioral response (2


-Right or wrong? Scenario and identifying whether the response was correct or

incorrect (6 pages)

-What could I have done instead? Students reflect on times they have made others feel

mad, sad, annoyed, and think about what they could have done instead. . .(3 pages)

-Consequences of our actions. Students select an emotion and resulting consequence

from a behavioral scenario. . . (4 pages)

-When others have positive/negative thoughts about me. Consequences experienced

as a result of positive/negative thoughts. . . (4 pages)

Part 2- Interactive Activities

-Emotions posters. . . (3 pages)

-Interactive emotions identification boards. . . (2 pages)

-Arrows and points tokens. . .(2 pages)

-The right or wrong way posters/worksheets. Students to break down what was

right/wrong in the scenarios, how it made others feel and consequences experienced.

(6 pages)

-How we can make the wrong way better. Providing solutions to scenarios where the

wrong behavior was exhibited. . .(2 pages)

-Consequences and feelings. From the scenarios, identify how it would make YOU feel

due to the consequences experienced. . . (2 pages)

-408 social/behavioral scenario task cards in color . . .(51 pages)

-Blank task cards in color . . . (1 page)

408 social/behavioral scenario task cards in low ink. . . (51 pages)

Blank task cards in low ink . . . (1 page)

*****2 new digital powerpoint task card sorting activities

**********How does my behaviors make others feel? digital PowerPoint sorting activity

********** What thoughts will others have about me? digital PowerPoint sorting activity

Part 3- Data tracking and encouraging appropriate behavior

-Behavior contract. 1, 2 and 3 targets . . .(3 pages)

-Hourly behavior tracking. 1, 2 and 3 targets. Blank check in times . . .(6 pages)

-2 hourly behavior tracking. 1, 2 and 3 targets. Blank check in times . . .(6 pages)

-AM/PM behavior tracking. 1, 2 and 3 targets. Blank check in times . . .(6 pages)

-My positive actions cards. Portable cards to remind students of appropriate positive

behaviors they can engage in in the environments/situations in which

problem/inappropriate behaviors most likely occur. 30 cards provided. . . (15 pages)