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How To Writing Activities!

Winter/December Themed!

10 Different Writing Pages, each with a different topic!


These pages each include a how-to writing prompt with easy steps to follow. They help child to learn how to write stories step-by-step. These are nonfiction writings so that students can write things that are true and teach the reader how to accomplish a task or how to do a fun activity!


I love to use these during independent writing time or in writers workshop leading into the holidays during the winter time. They are practical and objective ways for students to practice these writing skills and draw a picture for each step that is listed.

The Writing Prompts are listed below:

*How-To Build a Snowman

*How-To Make Hot Chocolate

*How-To Go Ice Skating

*How-To Get Ready To Go Outside on a Cold Winter Day

*How-To Decorate for the Holidays

*How-To Build a Gingerbread House

*How-To Make Christmas Cookies

*How-To Wrap Presents

*How-To Celebrate the Holidays

*How-To Decorate a Christmas Tree