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This paragraph writing resource includes 8 important steps for
teaching students to write a GOOD 5 sentence paragraph. I’ve put
together some steps with graphic organizers to help your students learn
to write a good 5 sentence paragraph using the following guide:

Sentence 1 — Topic Sentence

Sentence 2 — Detail 1

Sentence 3 — Detail 2

Sentence 4 — Detail 3

Sentence 5 — Closing Sentence

provided both generic graphic organizers, so you can use them for
different subjects, as well as specific ones. I always start with
several topics of favorites. I find that students have an easier time
learning writing skills when they enjoy the topic they’re writing about.
These would be great to put into a writing book/portfolio for students
and parents to see their growth throughout the year.

provide examples to see how they should be filled out. I’ve included
rough draft pages, both generic and specific, as well as a few options
for final draft pages. I believe in using several days to complete each
assignment. Students need the opportunity to step away from their
writing and come back to it with fresh eyes another day. I would do the

Day 1 — Introduce the topic. Have students
fill out the first page with what their favorite ____ is, and give as
many reasons as they can think of. They do need at least 3 reasons!

2 — Have students review their graphic organizer and make any changes
they wish to make. This is important! Students should have the
opportunity to change any of their ideas before writing their draft.
Students then write their rough draft paragraph.

Day 3 —
Students reread the paragraph they wrote. If you practice editing
skills in class, now would be a great time to use them. I allow my
students to use red pen when editing. Students will now write their
final draft.

If you need to go on to a day 4 or even 5,
don’t sweat it! You may need to for the first one. After doing a few,
students will be very familiar with it. Their writing should also be
improving, so they’ll go faster. The extension activities could be
added on to another day, or they can be classwork for anytime students
finish something else early. That may work better if you have several
students who can’t do the extensions.

In addition, I’ve
provided several extension ideas for those students who excel in
writing, or may just need a little challenge.

This would be great for explaining to parents how you are differentiating for their child’s needs!!