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This deck was designed for young children to improve their handwriting and know the steps involved in writing a letter in order for them to have more legible writing. By having a step-by-step guide you are able to focus broadly on a group of students since each student can pick the letter they need help on. Each letter has 4 steps or less on how to properly write it on paper along with praises to motivate the child. By choosing a letter the student will be able to learn how to write the capital and lowercase letter. Each letter comes with an animal that starts with it.

If you were to use this deck in a smart board, it will enable you to walk everyone step-by-step on how to write. With this step-by-step guide the kids will needs a sheet of paper to follow along the instructions on the screen.

Watch their handwriting change before your eyes. 🙂

Help your kiddos improve their handwriting with this awesome flow magic deck.


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