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What better way to learn new information than with a pamphlet that is interactive, contains diagrams, and fun facts about our wonderful human body?

The students will watch their pamphlets come to life as they cut and glue flaps.

They will learn fun facts about the lungs, liver, stomach, heart, brain, intestines, and kidneys while simultaneously learning where are they located in the body. Once the kiddos build their pamphlets, they will complete all 3 worksheets that go along with it. It’s like a mini scavenger hunt in which they will go and find their answers in their pamphlet. Thanks to the cool illustrations the kiddos will have a visual representation of what each organ looks like.


  • instructions on how to build
  • printable pamphlet
  • three worksheets to go along with the pamphlet
  • answer keys on master file

This product is best for 3rd to 5th graders and can be used as a fun activity for your human body unit, health, substitute days, and even homework!


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