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Human Body Life Sized Model – Human Body Non- Fiction Reading Passages, Human Body Activities and Unit for younger kids. This body unit teaches young children about the body organs in simple to understand language by using pictures cues for difficult words in the non-fiction reading passages. After the beginner students read the passages, students will create a life sized model of the human body by tracing their body and adding the cut and paste printable organs onto the body cut-out. Students will love learning how their body organs work!

Please check the preview to see what is included:

You will get:

– Body Project Directions

– Human Body organs – Color, Cut and Paste pages
lungs, heart, liver, brain, stomach, large intestines, small intestines, kidneys, bladder

– Lung Experiment

– Stomach Experiment

– 8 Non-Fiction Science Passages for beginners. Each passage includes simple wording about the organ for young learners. The passages include picture cues to help with difficult words. The passage has a simple comprehension question.
– Non-Fiction Passages About the following organs are included:
large intestines
small intestines

– Cut and Paste Body Facts Pages (One for Boys and One for Girls)

– Writing Prompt – “What I Learned About the Human Body”

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