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Your students are going to love this lesson on the ways humans can have a negative impact on the environment as well as looking at how we can reverse those impacts.

This lesson is easy to follow and fun to use and teach with. No prep, just print and teach.


This lesson has been designed to align with the NGSS standard 5-ESS3-1 “obtain and combine information about ways individual communities use science ideas to protect the Earth’s resources and environment.


⭐ Read It Air Pollution – students read about the problems of air pollution in Dublin in the 1980s and how the Irish government corrected the problem. They will answer questions based on the passage.


⭐ Tech It Deforestation in the Amazon – this is a two part activity. In the first part the students will visit a website and look at the deforestation of Brazil. In the second part they’ll look at the causes and effects of deforestation.


⭐ Illustrate It – students are provided with information on the ways deforestation is being reversed. They will use this information to create a poster or infographic.


⭐ Describe It – students examine photos of the Aral Sea and read about the human activity that caused it to dry up as well the attempts to replenish the sea.


⭐ Explain It Plastics – students read about the blessing and curse that is plastic along with possible solutions to the problem of disposal. Students answer questions

on the text.


⭐ Crossword and Wordsearch – I’ve included both a crossword and a wordsearch that will help as a vocabulary builder and is a lovely way to review the lesson. Perfect for early finishers!