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This nonfiction tab booklet is great to use when teaching weather or during hurricane season from June 1 through November 30th. If your students live in a hurricane prone area, this is a great informational tab booklet to get them acquainted with everything about hurricanes.


This resource includes:

  • 7 page student booklet in blackline

  • 7 page teacher answer booklet in redline

  • teacher directions

  • *2 student tab booklet covers are included with map of eastern coast of the United States on one and map of the Gulf of Mexico on the other. You choose which one works for your class based on your location.


Tab Booklet includes the following pages:

  • Cover

  • Hurricane Formation

  • Diagram of the Parts of a Hurricane

  • Hurricane Categories

  • Interpreting Data from Chart-10 Worst Hurricanes in US History

  • Hurricane Season/Storm Stages

  • Puzzle Assessment


Vocabulary includes:

  • hurricane

  • tropical cyclone

  • equator

  • Coriolis Force

  • typhoon

  • cyclone

  • eye wall

  • eye

  • rain bands

  • diameter

  • Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale

  • tropical wave

  • tropical disturbance

  • tropical depression

  • tropical storm

  • evacuate

  • hurricane kit


Font size and vocabulary is perfect for students in third through fifth grade.


See Preview for more details.


Tab booklets are also great resources for independent learning, enrichment, early finishers, and make great activities for sub lesson plans.