Item description

This beautifully illustrated coloring book for kids contains a superb selection of stunning, perfectly patterned coloring pages of Awesome (Hygge), that will provide your child or teen with hours-and-hours of creative coloring fun. This coloring book contains a wide variety of pictures and offers terrific value-for-money with each page having lots of coloring detail provided by the fabulous patterns that fill each page, enabling kids to color as much or as little as they like. This new, fun, and creative coloring book are published by education experts, coloring book specialists, and best illustrator of The Mindfulness Coloring Book for Children who have published over 30 successful coloring and activity books for kids. All designs are printed on a single side, with a special blank page behind, to assist with display and minimize bleed through. If you are looking for a fun, detailed, and interesting Hygge coloring book for a child, teenager, or “big kid” who loves coloring, then my coloring book is for you!