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Item description

This Social Narrative supports children by exploring and reinforcing the value of good manners and how they can be demonstrated in their day to day life.

This Social Narrative is highly visual with colourful and engaging visuals to support information retention and understanding.

This Social Narrative explores the following:

– Manners are Important

– Manners Keep Friends

– I Share

– I show that I Care

– I Take Turns

– I Help Others

– I Wait in Line

– I say “Please“ and “Thank You”

– I say “Sorry”

– I Listen

– I keep my hands to myself

– I raise my hand

– I focus on my work

– I don’t Gossip

– I don’t hurt others

– I use my Inside Voice

– I cover my mouth when I chew and Yawn

– I Open Doors

– I put my Rubbish in the Bin

– My Promise Pledge

Includes two posters – Good and Bad Manners.