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I Have Who Has Halloween Game is a great engaging way to help students practice concepts all while including halloween fun! You AND your students can have fun on or before halloween practicing different concepts all while celebrating a spooky day. Perfect for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade students.


I Have Who Has Upper and Lower Case Letters (in order)

I Have Who Has Upper and Lower Case Letters (out of order)

I Have Who Has Numbers 0-30 (in order)

I Have Who Has Numbers 0-30 (out of order)

I Have Who Has Shapes

I Have Who Has Sight Words (Jan Richardson Sight Words List A-D)

Use this seasonal game for:

  • Review 
  • Five-minute filler activity
  • Engage activity at the beginning of class
  • Practicing listening skills
  • Improving number automaticity
  • Rainy day activities
  • Halloween day educational fun!

To play the game, pass out one card to each student. Depending on the number of students, students might need to share a card or have more than one card. The student with the card with the star on it starts the game by standing up and reading their card. The student who has the answer then answers by reading their card. Play continues until the person who started the game stands up again. To keep it challenging, I had them switch up their cards each time we played.

Over 100 pages of Halloween Educational FUN!