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This resource includes a record for new foods that you want to try. Trying new foods can be scary for some people so this book takes a mindful and progressive desensitization approach making every little step towards your goal matter! Each individual sheet works on a specific food that you want to try. Simply record the food in the left hand corner of the page where there is an allocated text box.

There is an additional Tip Sheet which includes strategies to increase the range of foods.

There is a table included with many different emotions and feelings that you can explore with someone close to you. The table encourages you to isolate what you are feeling before you try the foods. This is very important because we know that when we acknowledge and validate feelings it makes it easier to achieve goals.

Another table is included where either dates or ticks can be included as your child or student progresses towards their end goal. The stages include 1. smelling it 2. touching it 3. touching the food with your lips 4. touching the food with your tongue 5. chewing the food 6. swallowing the food.

Breaking down each individual task makes this a whole lot more manageable! Try to keep this light and fun for your child and recognize every little bit of progress!

There is an example of one completed page should you require a reference or example. This is a great speech therapy resource which has been a great program and handout to provide to families who want to support their child around fussy eating and trialling new food.