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This bundle includes...

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Six planners to assist you for the school year.

Each planner is created to assist the educator with the transdisciplinary theme.

The six transdisciplinary themes:

1. Who We Are – Systems keep us moving

2. Where We Are In Place and Time – Where we are in place and time

3. Sharing The Planet – Animals

4. How We Organize Ourselves – Communities & Citizenship

5. How We Express Ourselves – Sharing and connecting through stories

6. How The World Works – Weather and seasons

Transdisciplinary Theme with Subject Focus Includes:

· Central Idea

· Key Concepts

· Lines of Inquiry


· Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)

· Learning Goals and Success Criteria

Designing Engaging Learning Experiences:

· Provocation

· Prior Knowledge and Tuning In

· Finding out & Sorting out (with learning engagements and instructions)

· Learning Goals

· Going further

· Formative Assessment