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Item description

Identify feelings and emotions with these fun and engaging watermelon emoji cards! This is an easy way to check in with your kids daily and help them express how they are feeling throughout the day. This resource includes 18 different emotions and a daily check in sheet to keep track of emotions and feelings from the start to the end of the day.

What is included in this resource:

  • Each page comes in a BW and Color version
  • 18 emotions included: calm, hurt, hungry, loving, surprised, angry, upset, joyful, sick, confused, nervous, happy, tired, silly, excited, sad, annoyed, scared
  • Daily Check in sheet.

How to use this resource:

  • Print the emotion cards and cut them out. Laminating recommended.
  • Each card comes with a color and BW version. For the BW version I suggest either printing on colored paper or letting the kids color each card.
  • Print the Daily Check in sheet. Laminating recommended.
  • Have your child pick an emotion card to express how they feel at the start and end of their day.
  • To turn this into a hanging poster put Velcro stickers on the back of the emotion cards and the boxes on the daily check in sheet.