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Item description

This resource was developed to teach students how to think critically
about online content in order to assess its credibility and
reliability. The flip book format makes it an excellent quick reference
guide for students to use whenever they need to use information that
originates online. It includes pages about fake news; headlines and
message quality; location of information; publisher; currency; sources
and research; bias; and purpose. Each page includes brief “What You Need
to Know” notes and a section of key questions that students should ask
when evaluating digital media.

This resource includes a
version with complete notes – just print and assemble – AND a version
with blanks that students can fill in. A PowerPoint presentation is
included that will provide students with all of the information that
they need to fill in their books (a key is also provided).

bonus activity is also included that can be used to assess student
learning – it provides a variety of scenarios related to the credibility
of online information; students must answer questions about each
scenario based on what they have learned about evaluating online
content. A key is provided.

It will take approximately one 60-minute class period to fill in the flip book and work through the scenarios. 38 pages including PowerPoint slides.