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Practicing 3rd grade fraction skills doesn’t have to be an endless pile of worksheets! Engage your students in an online math game where they practice identifying and naming fractions using fraction models. Give your students extra at-bats with 3.NF.1 while they progress through this “create your own adventure” style math quest.

What you get:

  • A PDF download that links to the Identifying Fractions Google Slides math quest

Students will practice:

  • Identifying fractions
  • Determining if fractions are partitioned equally or not
  • Naming basic fractions

The best part of this resource is that students will engage in cross-discipline skills on their quest to master basic fractions!

This quest sneaks in:

  • Reading comprehension practice
  • Reading fluency practice
  • Technology practice

How it works:

  • Students work on their copy of the Slides (must be in presentation mode)
  • Students pick a path and solve math problems to collect clues
  • When a student answers incorrectly, hints are offered to help solve correctly
  • Students use the clues they collect along the way to solve a mystery

When to use this resource:

  • Math centers
  • Small group intervention
  • Independent practice
  • Partner practice
  • Whole group guided activity
  • Early finisher work


  • The reading passages are carefully crafted to match a 3rd grade reading level.
  • This resource is currently digital-only.
  • I’m prepping more math quests for grades 2-5.