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Idioms are so fun to teach and students really enjoy learning them! This is a set of posters and task cards that will help your students understand 20 common figurative language phrases.


Each 8×10 poster (20 in all) includes the idiom, definition, and a literal illustration. They can be cut apart and used as a matching activity or left together as visual aids. These are especially helpful for your English language learners!


Students will read a sentence that contains an idiom and choose the correct meaning.


  • 16 task cards
  • recording sheet
  • answer key

The task cards are provide in two sizes – quarter page for printing and using in class, and full page for display on your interactive whiteboard.

The idioms included in this resource are:

  • once in a blue moon
  • bend over backwards
  • the apple of my eye
  • back to square one
  • an arm and a leg
  • add fuel to the fire
  • a piece of cake
  • a dime a dozen
  • cry over spilt milk
  • go out on a limb
  • hit the hay
  • hit the nail on the head
  • keep your chin up
  • let sleeping dogs lie
  • under the weather
  • raining cats and dogs
  • let the cat out of the bag
  • barking up the wrong tree
  • a drop in the bucket
  • when pigs fly