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If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to teach kids impulse control, then the Impulse Control Scenario Cards and Lesson is the perfect learning resource!

This mini lesson explores a fundamental executive functioning skill of self control and impulse control. This resource is creative and uses illustrations, metaphors and analogies to support students to reflect on the opportunities and choices they can make.

If a student struggles to think before they act or has ADHD, this SEL mini-lesson can provide a great foundation for their emotional regulation. The engaging approach makes it easy for kids to master the fundamental executive functioning skill of self control and apply the concept to their own lives inside and outside of the classroom. This mini-lesson is perfect for counselors, SEL lessons, individual activities, or group work.

✎✎✎ Topics Covered:

  • What is Impulse Control?
  • Strategies to support Impulse Control
  • Brain is like a Remote Control – exploring our “buttons” and their implications nd consequences. This includes “Pausing and Stopping”.
  • Stop Sign in Your Head
  • 36 Impulse Control Scenario Cards with reflective question (Print, Cut and Laminate the scenario cards for longevity.)