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101 Ways to Respond to Independent Reading

Dear Teachers,

Thank you for checking out my independent reading response packet. This truly has been a labor of love and I am so excited to share the finished product with you. In this packet, you will find 101 different resources to use during independent reading. Some may be used by the whole class on a particular day, some may be stored in your classroom library and students may pick them to go along with what they are reading. 

If you use the interactive reader’s notebook approach in your classroom, this packet is easily compatible. There are instructions for printing ½ size at the end of this packet.

What’s Included:

37 organizers to use with any book

18 for fiction only

22 for fiction focusing on character traits

15 for nonfiction

3 for chapter books (perfect for a mini-book club or literature circle)

5 Common Core cubes (some assembly required!)

1 Poster for Turn & Talk Strategy

Page Titles:

Capital Castle

Double Entry Journal


Reader’s Interview




Travel to the Text

Reader’s Review

Just Right Books

Stop & Jot

Unban that Book

Awesome Acrostic

Book Park

A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words

Reading Log

Book Billboard

Reader’s Scavenger Hunt

Book Bulletin

Fact & Opinion

Mystery Reads


Quiz Time

Title Trade

Text Trophy

Book Poster

Letters for Littles

Dear Teacher

5 W Questions

Simple Summary

Text T Shirt

Word Search



Fan Mail

TO Read or Not to read

Library Letters


Cause and Effect


Favorite Part (Picture)

Compare 2 Texts

Compare 3 Texts

Swip Swap

Creative Cover

Five Finger Retell

Worst Nightmare




Show Don’t Tell*

Book Bop

Dictionary Doodles

Favorite Part (Write)

Book Baubles 

Talking Toy

The Way I See It

Superb Superlatives

How Charming!

Dear Darla

Dear Diary

Character Correspondence

Chit Chat

Post Cards

Character Trading Card

Think, Feel, Say, Do

Texting Time


Wanted Poster

Plot Map

Character Senses*

Party Time

Word Cloud

At the Zoo

Character Kudos

Character Comics

Character Connections

Reader’s Q&A

Main Idea Manor

Event Relationships


Word Wizard

Text Features Scavenger Hunt

Point of View

Famous Figures Say

Compare & Contrast Texts on the Same Topic


I Wonder?

Writer’s Reasons



Planning for Research*

Chapter: Prereading

Chapter Review

Chapter: Post Reading

Common Core Cube: Traits

Common Core Cube: Plot

Common Core Cube: Theme

Common Core Cube: Literature

Common Core Cube: Nonfiction

Turn & Talk: Buzzing Poster

*These organizers can also be used to help student plan their writing!