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Item description

This product includes 24 reading task cards that focus primarily on setting, plot, and conflict & resolution (problem & solution). These task cards vary in reading levels and difficulty and can be used in 3rd–6th grade. Both fiction and nonfiction texts are included. Each card contains a short passage, a mix of multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, and/or graphic organizers to fill in. Task cards are half a page and should be printed double-sided with the passage on one side and the tasks (questions) on the back. Student response sheets are included if you don’t want students to write on the actual task cards.


  • 10 – Setting Task Cards

  • Setting Student Response Sheet

  • Setting Answer Key

  • 10 – Plot Task Cards

  • Plot Student Response Sheet

  • Plot Answer Key


  • 4 – Problem & Solution (Conflict /Resolution) Task Cards

  • Problem & Solution Student Response Sheet

  • Problem & Solution Answer Key

Ways to use Task Cards:

  • These task cards can be used in several different ways. They are perfect for…

  • Reviewing specific reading skills

  • Test prep

  • Small group instruction

  • Literacy centers / stations

  • Partner work

  • Intervention groups

  • Around the room activity where the students rotate around the room answering questions

  • Daily test prep review by projecting or printing one card a day

  • Bell ringers

  • Warm-up activity

  • Mini-lesson extension

  • Exit tickets