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Click here to watch the full preview of my printable products and the 100+ communication and thinking skills that learners developed from these instructional and educational materials.

The main objective of these materials is to help fulfill the learning goals of young students. All printable worksheets and activity pages included here aim to support the learners’ acquisition of new skills and the enhancement of the ones they already have.

Each educational activity has three learning objectives. It evaluates the three domains of learning: cognitive (mental), affective (emotional), and psychomotor (physical). Mental, emotional, and physical areas of development involve specific processes of learning to achieve the developmental objectives.

This COMPLETE SET called The Amazing Aa Family contains more than coloring, handwriting, and prereading worksheets. It has activity pages that involve free speaking, writing, and higher-level thinking activities as well as listening, hands-on, interaction, flash card, puzzle, game, and other motor integration activities to give parents some suggestions on how to create active teaching and learning experiences.

In total, the complete set of information pages, worksheets, puzzles, games, and assessment activities has 166 pages. If you want to turn this into an educational material that resembles a book, you only have to bind its 148 main pages. The extra page called Star Rewards is for optional use. The 13 attachment pages are required to do some activities but they have to be cut. The 4 subtitle pages may be used if you want to divide the complete set into four parts to make it easier for you to bind the pages by using centerfold staples. If you do not want to divide the complete set, do not print the subtitle pages. How to divide the complete set into four parts is found on the last two pages of the PDF file.

Subset 1: Letter and Word Picture and Information Pages (Printable Large Flash Cards with Descriptions)

Subset 2: Coloring, Prewriting, and Handwriting plus Their Integrated Activities

Subset 3: Puzzles, Games, and Other Motor Integration Activities

Subset 4: Reading-Related plus Controlled and Free Speaking and Writing Activities

Additional Subset: Letter and Word Picture Pages (Printable Small Flash Cards)

Designed to hone the four basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), it also helps develop several thinking skills, such as problem solving, logical reasoning, and visual-spatial processing. It also includes the use of some math, science, and art skills. Most importantly, these instructional and educational materials integrate values or character education into learning activities.

The complete set has a Record Page. The Record Page may serve as a spelling practice page. The space is split into two columns to allow two attempts to spell a word correctly. There are suggested spelling words included here. The Record Page may also be used to record the child’s statements, comments, and answers, especially the unexpected, brilliant, and funny ones, to the questions given in some worksheets and activities. Since there are several oral exercises involved here, you may need to print the Record Page multiple times.

SUGGESTION: It is always better to record the child’s complete and unedited responses, which may include occasional use of pause fillers or filler words (ahh, umm, hmm, well). As children grow, their vocabulary increases along with their thought process and the use of these discourse fillers (which should not be a habit) decrease. Since young children are just beginning to speak with confidence and clarity, they use sounds to help them think. Young children’s brilliant responses with all their sounds never grow old and are worthy to be recorded to be remembered again and again. After some years, these children can be able to read what they said and know how they expressed themselves before.

If you think that a particular activity sheet or worksheet will just be wasted because of the child’s unreadiness, reserve the material when he or she gets older.

NOTE: Although this complete set focuses on Aa, other letters are also mentioned here. Every alphabet letter family set follows the same format.


1. Title Page

2. Starter Page


1. Four (4) Letter Info Cards

2. Eight (8) Color Intro and Info Cards

3. Forty (40) Word Info Cards

*In addition to these 52 pages intended for creating large flash cards, 12 accomplished activity pages can also be turned into flash cards.


1. Performing Aa Activities

2. Associating Aa Words

3. Creating Aa Family of Colors

4. Coloring Aa with Pattern Design

5. Manipulating Figure Aa Parts

6. Counting Aa and Discussing Aa Words

7. Visually Discriminating Aa

8. Verbalizing the Right Order to Produce Aa

9. Constructing Capital A’s on Ten Handwriting Lines

10. Constructing Short a’s on Ten Handwriting Lines

11. Using Guidelines to Size, Align, and Space Aa

12. Writing Aa’s of Different Sizes

13. Understanding Letter Aa Orientation

14. Introducing Words Beginning with Aa

15. Introducing Words Ending with Aa

16. Identifying Words with Initial Short /ă/ Sound

17. Identifying Words with Initial Long /ā/ Sound

18. Recognizing Aa Positions and Sounds

19. Finding Pattern Involving Aa

20. Writing Aa and Tracing Aa Drawings and Words

21. Spotting Aa Words and Solving Aa Maze

22. Articulating and Spelling Aa Words

23. Naming and Drawing Aa Pictures

24. Practicing Spelling Aa Words

25. Perceiving Aa Visual Information

26. Sequencing Aa Spelling Word and Picture Parts

27. Playing LETRA Aa Games

28. Locating Aa Pictures

29. Interpreting Aa Graphic Representation

30. Assessing Aa Vocabulary Knowledge

31. Classifying Aa Words Using Picture Cards

32. Positioning and Remembering Aa Vocabulary Picture Cards

33. Using Aa Words in Sensible Sentences

34. Completing Sentences with Correct Aa Words

35. Graphing Aa Words and Reading Graph

36. Contrasting an Aa Subject and Another Related Subject

37. Differentiating Associated Aa Words

38. Picking Between Two Aa Choices

39. Feeling Aa Emotions

40. Understanding Aa Story

41. Producing a Composition with Aa Characters

42. Reviewing Aa Learning

43. Creating Remembrances for Aa Experience


1. Record Page

2. Self-Evaluation Page

3. Star Rewards


1. Forty-four (44) Small-sized Flash Cards

2. Tangram Sets

3. Activity Pictures


1. Four (4) Subtitle Pages

Hopefully, this complete set of information pages, worksheets, puzzles, games, and assessment activities may help you in planning more creative, thoughtful, and interesting activities and games, like hands-on, interactive, and other higher-level thinking experiences. If you have the time and resources, these activity sheets and worksheets can be recreated, revised, personalized, or turned into decorative concrete forms so the young child will have wonderful and challenging opportunities to eagerly, excitedly, and uniquely experience moving beyond the pages of formatted prints.