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Your students will be more than excited to be engaged in this informational text! This is an informative article written about the abandoned Six Flags Amusement Park in New Orleans, Jazz Land, who closed its door on August 21, 2005, and was scheduled to reopen the following weekend on August 27, 2005, and was never able to open its doors again to this day!

With the forecast, the park braced for the storm and everyone evacuated. It has never re-opened. This article is approximately 2,000 words long and has eight illustrations/photos with captions. In the packet, immediately following the article, a twenty question formative assessment can be found complete with multiple-choice (state testing formatted), as well as, open-ended questions on multiple levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy with various levels of rigor.

Next, in this ELA packet, one can find a performance task where the students are charged with the responsibility of re-developing the real estate visible from the interstate in New Orleans. The task is very specific in what the learner should accomplish upon completion.

As well, there is an argumentative writing prompt for the students to complete and many opportunities for mini-lessons connected to the writing process prior to completion of the essay.

Finally, there is an extended, or one might say, an anchor activity that can be utilized for an enrichment project, for early finishers, or for an additional small group project. The project is very versatile and can be utilized successfully in many different scenarios and across multiple class sessions.

This text is sure to engage a room full of readers! Honestly, you will find yourself just as engrossed in this theme/topic as your students. There is just something about the word, “abandoned,” that invokes mystery for – the young and the old alike!