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This insect collection alternative is the perfect no-kill solution to traditional insect collections. This picture scavenger hunt makes an awesome alternative to traditional insect collections without killing insects. Your middle school student/s will love this bug collection project! Instead of killing and pinning insects, students create an insect photo collection. This can be used as a project or as a scavenger hunt!

Includes 40 FUN Challenges, such as:

⭐Insect with a sucking mouthpart

⭐Two different orders of insects on the same plant

⭐Insect that Uses Color as a Warning Signal

⭐Insect that Uses Eyespots to Trick a Predator

I created this project for my homeschool co-op students. This is a great incentive to get kids exploring outside and learning about nature. My co-op students loved looking for insects everywhere they went, and the parents loved how much time they were spending outside. Even the most reluctant kiddos had fun! At the end of our semester, we awarded the students that completed the project with a mini Venus fly trap plant.

This is a great alternative to traditional insect collection projects. Here are some other ways you can use this project:

  • Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • Biology Bug Project
  • Summer Camp
  • Summertime Fun at Home
  • Scouts
  • Web Quest

Included in this 19-page photo journal:

  • Spaces for students to either draw or insert photos of insects
  • Rules for obtaining photos
  • Score Care (rubric) for scoring or grading

The categories for insects are as follows:

  • Insect Basics (Examples: Insect with Two Wings, Insect that Eats Other Insects)
  • Insect Orders (Examples: Lepidoptera, Diptera)
  • Insect Survival (Example: Insect that Uses Odor to Keep Away Predators)
  • Metamorphosis and Ecology (Examples: Insect that Migrates, A Beneficial Insect)

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