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Insects Theme Activity Pack created for toddlers.


The set has various activities that can keep your child busy and interested in finding out more about bugs while developing basic skills like logic, numbers, counting, coloring, tracing, fine motor skills, right and left (dual) brain development.


What you can find in the set and how can be used:

Find Similar Bugs. Page 3-4. Print, laminate and show sheet to child, talk about the insects. Find similar bug pair tell and point them and let the child start looking for them as well.

Insects Variation chart page 5-6. Child has to be introduced to the fact that there are different colors and shape of same type bug, just like humans.

Which one is Different? Page 7-8. Find a different bug among the same ones

Match the Shadows. Page 9-10.

Coloring Page 11.

Practice Tracing Page 12

Numbers and Learning to Count. Page 13-16

Puzzles. Page 17-18

Scene visual discrimination. Page 19

Counting Insects. Page 20

Tracing Paths Page 21-22. Use both hands to help develop right and left brain hemispheres


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