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This book companion product encompasses chapter quizzes, essay questions, and writing prompts to use with the novel, A Night Divided, by Jennifer A. NielsenThe resources included were designed to promote higher-level thinking skills and encourage more in-depth class and peer discussions and writing experiences. The 5 chapter quizzes include both multiple choice and short answer question types. The essay questions and writing prompts require students to provide textual evidence to support their thinking, opinions, and/or perspectives. 

This resource includes the following:

Chapter Quizzes

5 Multiple Choice & Short Answer Quizzes

  • Chapters 1-9 (25 questions, 4 pages)
  • Chapters 11-19 (23 questions, 4 pages)
  • Chapters 20-28 (23 questions, 4 pages)
  • Chapters 29-37 (22 questions, 4 pages)
  • Chapters 38-47 (24 questions, 4 pages)
  • Answer Key

Essay Questions

  • 11 Essay Questions

Writing Prompts

  • 10 Writing Prompts
  • 1 Sheet of Lined paper – without a prompt at the top, to copy if students need more than one sheet of writing paper.
  • Essay & Writing Rubric